Stamp-a-ma-jig 101

You know how I love my tools. One of my favorites is the Stamp-a-ma-jig. It is essential to lining up multiple stamped images, especially when using rubber stamps (not the clear photopolymer ones.) See my previous post here of a card on which I used this great little helper.

The Stamp-a-ma-jig has two pieces: the translucent plastic image sheet and the Jig itself.

stampamajig i

To begin, set the jig on a flat surface, then place the image sheet flat so that it butts up against the corner of the jig. Ink your stamp, line it up with the corner of the jig, and stamp onto the image sheet.

stampamajig f   stampamajig e

Now lay the image sheet over your paper and line up the image where you want to stamp it. Place the jig next to the image sheet as it was before. Hold the jig in place and remove the image sheet.

stampamajig d

Now stamp the image, lining the stamp up the same way against the jig. Your stamped image will be exactly where you want it, assuming you didn’t allow the jig to move.

Continue in the same manner until all your images are stamped in place.

stampamajig a

stampamajig h

On this card, I stamped the same image 5 times in different colors, cleaning the stamp between each stamp.

stampamajig g

I used washi tape to hold the paper down so it would be easier to line up the images.

To clean the image sheet, I use my Stampin’ Mist stamp cleaner and my Stampin’ Scrub – see yesterday’s post about how to use them. If you are stamping the same image multiple times, as I did here, you don’t have to clean the image sheet until you are through with that particular stamp. You can also use all four corners of the image sheet – a different stamp image on each corner.

I hope this was helpful and that you will use the Stamp-a-ma-jig on your stamping projects. It makes quick and easy work of lining up your images.                                       Click here to get yours today!

Thanks for stopping by today, and Sweet Stamping!

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